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tried to blow up the term reserve bank. nafis came to the united states on a student visa back in january. the f.b.i. began watching him after he tried setting up a terror cell using an online chat room and on facebook. undercover agents worked with nafis posing as al qaeda operatives and their work led to his arrest. undercover agents helped him build what he thought was a 1,000-pound bomb. they put it in a van. it was actually made of harmless materials. they drove the van to the federal reserve building. he was arrested in a hotel room when he tried to detonate what he thought was a bomb from a nearby hotel. he faces life in prison for attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. >>> 5:02. we turn our attention to campaign 2012. president obama and mitt romney will both campaign in new york city today. yesterday the candidates focused on women voters. governor romney told supporters in virginia women have been particularly hit hard by the economy. president obama told supporters he doesn't need a binder full of women to find qualified women. and get ready for the million p
company, alcoa, will kick things off tomorrow. analysts expecting profits at united states companies to fall 1.5%, the worst performance since 2009. the investors keeping an eye on a big anniversary, five years ago this week the dow hit a record high of 14165, less than a year before the financial crisis of 2008. here's where we stand today. the dow is at 13610 after climbing 35 points friday, nasdaq down by 1. s & p 500 was down by half a point. >> a perfect storm of events, making gas prices sky high in california. a recent fire at a refinery, combined with a power failure at another plan and a pipeline shut down led to supply shortages on the west coast. the average price for a gallon of gas in california right now $4.4, that makes it -- $4.49, that makes it the highest in the nation. here at dc $3.73. >>> still ahead, voters in venezuela give their president six years more in office. >>> and more information about the deadly shooting of a border patrol agent is being revealed. >> stay with us we are back in two minutes. >>> definitely need a jacket out there with temperatures in
.c. today. first time in the united states. joining me this morning is lena willard with my taxi. thanks so much for coming? >> thank so you much for having us. >> washington, d.c., first city in the united states. you're really big in europe. why did you pick washington? >> well, washington is just ready for a taxi app like my taxi. we figured is that we for the first time bring transparency to the market. also we have a very strong partner called car to go which is a subsidy of dimeler and they're already very big over here. we're hoping to make use of our potential and kind of bring a new subject to the whole transportation system in d.c. >> you've got a little bit of competition so far from the likes of a livery system, not entirely a taxi system. taxi magic which really hasn't had a big foothold here in washington. how does your app work? what makes it different from the other apps that are available? >> well, first of all, we target a bigger group of people so my taxi is designed for everyone out there. what we exrait is a connection between the -- we create is a connection between th
] [people cheering] "hey, welcome home" to the men and women of the united states armed forces, the uso is home. the uso depends on the generosity of the american people. to find out how you can help, visit us at uso dot org. >> good morning, everybody. going to turn out to be a great one. welcome back, everybody. i am liking the summer like temperatures. >> i know it is chilly this morning. #-z and 40s. we had a chilly morning saturday. you were out at the diabetes walk. i was out with kristenber set. everybody who came out i can't you couldn't have asked for better weather right? a couple of clouds for awhile. nice for all the folks that came out to support us. there were cheerleaders out there. that was a great, great day. >>> i want to show you a picture we took saturday morning. beautiful fall color moving in toward dc now. i think we are pretty close to peak. warm temperatures moving in, you know it is going it be a fine time to maybe enjoy some of those colors if you get a chance outside. leave drop is about 50% or so. our bus stop forecast, we have readings down in the 30s in ma
its civil war in 1990. before earning her citizenship, gomez lived and worked in the united states as a permanent resident. >> i wanted to vote. when i vote, i have a voice. >> reporter: d.c. resident maria nunez also passed the citizenship exam. she owns a latino restaurant in columbia heights where she has lived for 22 years. >> when i come to this country, -- [indiscernible] this is the best country in the world. >> reporter: both women were prepared for the citizenship examination thanks to carecen, also known as latino resource and justice center. the nonprofit organization supports students through the citizenship application process, including an examination. >> 90% of the students who go through our classes pass their test. >> reporter: anna is the dreghtor of education and advocacy for -- director of education and advocacy for carecen. she says citizenship is important for immigrants. >> you get information on policies that affect the community besides all other benefits that citizenship comes with, you know, being able to travel freely. >> reporter: gomez has worked for h
's coming up in the next half-hour? >> the 5k, baby. we'll be running somewhere in the united states. i think we're going to california to run and i'll tell but my progress. >> progress and making progress, getting ready for the -- step out and stop diabetes. >>> we now know what led to the death of the national zoo's baby panda. >> the football game out west turns into an on field brawl between the team's coaches. your weather first when 9news now returns in two minutes. >>> 5:09 on this friday morning. all a he need -- you'll need to bundle up. this afternoon even though we get to the low 60s, the winds will kick up. there will be a little bit after chill factor in the air. here's a look at your day planner. we start out quiet. a couple of passing clouds. winds kick up late to mid- morning. highs only in the low 60s with a 3:00 temperature 62. by 6:00 're back down to 57. freeze watch tonight. more on that coming up in about five minutes. right now let's go to monika and find out about the a.m. commute. >>> no problems on the beltway here in college park but on the southbound side of
that elects the next president of the united states. >> we are pulling an all nighter. no sleep. and if you're not going to sleep, you might as well be in vegas. >> the president also appeared on the tonight show with jay leno as part after blitz across six states on his tour. today one of the president's stops will be in chicago where he will cast his ballot. >>> locally a shake-up in the campaign of long-term congressman jim moran. his son pat has resigned over what ef said in a secretly -- what he said in a secretly recorded video. kristin fisher is in our satellite center with more. who recorded this, kristin? >> reporter: it's very interesting. this video shows patrick moran giving advice to an undercover investigator about how to commit voter fraud. this undercover investigator works for a conservative watchdog group and solicited the advice. there's a big question this morning of was this just a blatant setup or was it proof of dishonest politics? we're going to let you be the judge this morning. here is the back story. patrick moran is the son of the 11-term congressman from norther
to hear. that's why she talks. >> they say it doesn't happen in the united states but i can tell you right now that i worked with probably this year alone we've had probably about 75 to 80 girls so far from the d.c. metropolitan area. >> reporter: some get pitched out on backpage.com. she counsels victims for fair girls, a local nonprofit that helps them survive. today he held an event to get the word out. andrea powell started the organization. >> i just think no girl should be forgotten. that's what we represent, opportunities and freedom for every girl. >> everyone thinks something like this could never happen to your child but in all reality, there are more people enslaved now than during slavery. a majority of them are young women and girls. >> as young as 12 years old. president obama last month pledged about $6 million to try and stop human trafficking but graves says that's just not enough. debra alfarone, 9news. >>> it is just about 5:22. let's take another look at the question of the day now. what is the last place most men say they want to go on a first date? is it a, a dance cl
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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